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Feliway Friends Diffuser + Refill 48ml

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Feliway Friends Diffuser + Refill 48ml
Feliway Friends Diffuser + Refill 48ml
Feliway Friends Diffuser + Refill 48ml
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Feliway Friends Diffuser + Refill 48ml
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Constant support for harmony in households with more than one cat. 

Pheromone Support

Phermones can help change emotional states or active physiological affects in cats by inducing changes to the limbic system and hypothalamus. Mother cats naturally emit a pheromone message to their kittens after birth to help them feel safe and secure. This "harmony marker" helps maintain a harmonious bond between them.

The pheromone released by Feliway Friends is a chemical copy (analogue) of the natural cat appeasing pheromone (C.A.P) released by mother cats from the intermammary sulcus during the nursing period.


Reducing Signs of Tension

  • Feliway Friends significantly decreases the intensity and frequency of signs of tension in households with more than one cat.
  • Visible improvements seen as early as 7 days.
  • Clinically proven in homes with newly occurring fighting or fighting lasting for several years.
  • Feliway Friends helps prevent unwanted tension and conflicts between cats after introducing a new cat/kitten at home.
  • Together with Feliway helps prevent urine spraying or scratching with signs of clnflict

30 Day Diffuser & Refill

  • Easy to use, continuous plug in diffuser
  • Each Refill lasts up to 30 days
  • Covers up to 70m2
  • Replacement refills available separately
  • Multiple diffusers recommended for large homes
  • 30 day money back guarantee

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    Absolutely Incredible Product!

    Posted by Emma on 28th Apr 2024

    I was a bit skeptical about trying this, if you are too, please read on. We brought a new kitten home and tried to introduce her reallly slowly to our 2year old rescue cat who is very anxious. After a few months the older cat was at most barely tolerating the kitten, who just wanted to play. Every time she came in full speed our cat would hiss and swat at her. Less than a WEEK after installing this product, the two are best friends, playing and even sleeping together. The change is incredible. The older cat is waayyyy more relaxed at home and super friendly to the kitten, who is so happy to have a playmate! We can happily leave them alone together and our home is so much more harmonious. Thank you Feliway - wish we had got this sooner!!!

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