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Vetnex Seaweed Calcium Powder for Dogs & Cats

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Calcium is the essential mineral for the development and maintenance of strong bones and teeth in animals, it also helps muscles, nerves, heart and other body systems work properly. Calcium can not be made by the body itself and it has to come from diets (foods or supplements). When calcium intake from diets is not enough, the body will undergo resorption process to use the stored calcium in its bone to function those essential biological functions, and this may lead to problems such as weak bones and impact the animal’s ability to work, run or sit comfortably.

Good quality and adequate amount of calcium intake is important for both adult and young animals, in particular, when they are in these situations:

•	Pets on home-made diets or raw diets.
•	Growing puppies or kittens.
•	Old pets.
•	Pregnant or lactating animals.
•	Pets with health conditions impacting calcium absorption and/or metabolism (You must discuss with your veterinarian for the conditions and treatment options in this situation).

Vetnex Seaweed Calcium Powder for dogs & cats 200g is a premium quality calcium supplement which can be used to help build and maintain strong and healthy bones in dogs and cats. It is a unique, plant-based, natural calcium product sourced from calcareous marine algae (Lithothamnium sp.) available in the pristine waters of the North Atlantic Ocean. The product contains high level of bioavailable calcium (33%) and other minerals such as magnesium required for healthy bones, teeth & muscles. 

The product is an odourless natural seaweed powder which can be easily added to your pet’s daily dry or wet foods, offering a natural solution to obtain sufficient amounts of essential minerals as needed for your dog or cat.

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