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Ultramox Multidose 250ml or 1 Litre

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Ultramox Multidose 250ml or 1 Litre
Ultramox Multidose 250ml or 1 Litre
Ultramox Multidose 250ml or 1 Litre
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Introducing ULTRAMOX - The Broadest Spectrum Equine Wormer for Optimal Horse Health ULTRAMOX New Zealand's exclusive Moxidectin 3 in 1 equine drench revolutionizes horse worming with its exceptional efficacy and comprehensive coverage.

With the introduction of our convenient multidose system worming larger herds has become more cost-effective than ever before.

This powerful solution effectively treats and controls roundworms including the notorious Abamectin resistant Parascaris equorum tapeworms and bots in horses.

Key Benefits: Comprehensive Protection: ULTRAMOX offers the broadest spectrum of activity for the treatment and control of all roundworms lungworms tapeworms and bots. You can rest assured knowing that your horse is shielded from a wide range of internal parasites. Combat Abamectin Resistance: Our advanced formula targets and controls Abamectin resistant Parascaris equorum providing effective relief for your horse's health.

Enhanced Efficacy: ULTRAMOX's moxidectin composition tackles inhibited stages and late encysted stages of small strongyle larvae ensuring thorough parasite elimination and preventing future infestations.

Safe for All: This product is licensed for use in pregnant mares at all stages of gestation and can be administered to foals from four weeks old making it suitable for horses of various ages and conditions.

Manufactured in New Zealand: ULTRAMOX is proudly manufactured in New Zealand adhering to the highest quality standards and offering you a reliable solution for your horse's well-being.

Dosage Instructions: ULTRAMOX comes in a convenient liquid formulation making dosing effortless. Administer a low dose volume of 30mL per 600kg bodyweight. We offer two pack sizes to accommodate your specific needs - the 250 mL Pack provides 8 doses for 600kg horses while the 1L Stud Pack offers 33 doses for 600kg horses.

Withholding Times: Please note that there is a withholding period for meat consumption after administering ULTRAMOX. It is recommended to wait for 63 days before using the horse's meat for consumption.

Included Bonus: For your convenience both pack sizes come with a free syringe ensuring accurate dosing. Additionally the 1L Stud Pack includes a free gun further simplifying the administration process. Give your horses the comprehensive protection they deserve with ULTRAMOX the leading equine wormer trusted by horse owners worldwide.

Related Products: Explore our range of high-quality pet and animal products at Vet Warehouse to complement your horse's health regimen. We offer a wide selection of trusted brands and essential supplies to meet all your pet's needs. Note: Please consult with your veterinarian for personalized dosage instructions and any specific concerns regarding your horse's health.

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