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PlaqueOff Cat 40g

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PlaqueOff Cat 40g
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PlaqueOff Powder for Cats is for the maintenance of oral hygiene, preventing tartar, gingivitis and bad breath. Use in conjunction with brushing. Aids in softening and removal of existing tartar build up and prevents new tartar from forming, reducing gum disease and bad breath.

Recommended by Veterinarians: ProDen PlaqueOff for cats contains the specially selected seaweed Ascophyllym nodosum and brewers yeast.  It offers a natural way to help reduce plaque, tartar and bad breath, supporting healthier teeth and gums in your cat

All Natural Formula: ProDen PlaqueOff for cats is a 100% natural powder.  It does not contain artificial colours, preservatives, gluten or added sugar

Instructions for use: Use ONCE daily, added to wet or dry food. Start with a smaller amount (eg: 1/2 a scoop) to get your cat adjusted to the taste, then increase to the recommended amount of 1 scoop daily.


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