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WashBar Lavender And Primrose Natural Shampoo

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WashBar Lavender And Primrose Natural Shampoo
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Completely 100% natural preservative developed (& made) in NZ for use in high-end human skincare & cosmetic products.

We've also used a natural surfactant that doesn't have a high foaming action like most non-natural shampoos. Significant research has gone into developing the ideal consistency for working into all types of pet coats yet rinsing out easily.

Key Benefits:

  • 100 % Natural ingredients
  • Perfect for bathing puppies (from 4 weeks) and kittens (from 10 weeks).
  • Super gentle formula
  • Made with spray-free lavender grown in beautiful NZ.
  • A warm lavender smell with antibacterial and calming qualities.
  • Evening Primrose Oil helps repair and nourish skin and coat.


Wet your pet thoroughly down to the skin. Warm water is always better than cold. Pour a little shampoo onto their coat and massage in to work up a good lather all over. Add more shampoo as you need it, depending on size of yor pet. Give your pet a really good massage, this is meant to be enjoyable. Rinse coat thoroughly. 
As with any shampoo, please keep out of eyes.


Water, Saponified Organic Sunflower & Coconut oils, Glycerine (organic), Evening Primrose oil, Lavender Pure Essential oil, Potassium citrate, Citric acid.

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