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Summer Fly Cream Nettex 600ml

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Summer Fly Cream Nettex 600ml
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Summer Fly Cream by Nettex the ultimate solution to keep your beloved pets and animals comfortable during the warmer months. Available at Vet Warehouse.

Dosage Instructions: Apply a thin layer of the Summer Fly Cream onto the exposed areas of your pet's skin. Massage gently until fully absorbed. Reapply as needed especially after your pet has been in water or excessively sweating. For optimal results use regularly during the summer season.

Key Ingredients:

Repellent Formula: The Summer Fly Cream features a powerful repellent formula specially formulated to provide effective protection against pesky flies and other annoying insects. It creates a protective barrier on your pet's skin ensuring they can enjoy their outdoor activities without the constant irritation caused by buzzing pests.

Soothing Emollients: This unique cream contains soothing emollients that help moisturize and nourish your pet's skin preventing dryness and discomfort. The emollients also aid in maintaining the natural barrier function of the skin promoting overall skin health.

Skin Conditioners: The Summer Fly Cream is enriched with skin conditioners that help to soothe and calm irritated skin. These conditioners work to alleviate any redness or itchiness caused by insect bites or prolonged exposure to the elements keeping your pet's skin in optimal condition.

UV Protection: In addition to its repellent properties the Summer Fly Cream offers a layer of protection against harmful UV rays. It acts as a physical barrier helping to shield your pet's skin from the sun's damaging effects during outdoor adventures.

Choose the Summer Fly Cream by Nettex from Vet Warehouse to ensure your pets and animals can enjoy a summer filled with comfort and freedom from annoying flies. With its effective repellent formula soothing emollients skin conditioners and UV protection this cream provides comprehensive care for your pet's skin. Order now and give your furry friends the relief they deserve!

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