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Royal Canin Sensory Taste in Jelly Wet Cat Food

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Royal Canin Sensory Taste in Jelly Wet Cat Food
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Due to their carnivorous predisposition, cats are sensitive to the meaty flavours associated with savouriness; so even though their taste range is small, they still have a perceptive sensitivity to taste.

ROYAL CANIN Sensory Taste is specially formulated with specific savoury flavours to stimulate and appeal to your cat's distinctive sense of taste, while supporting optimal health and wellbeing through sensorial variation. This formula is specifically designed to match the optimal Macro-Nutrient profile that is instinctively preferred by adult cats.

This formula also contains a combination of nutrients that help support the health of your adult cat's urinary system. To cater to each cat's individual preferences, ROYAL CANIN Sensory Taste is also available with morsels in jelly for optimal texture variety. Other products in the ROYAL CANIN Sensory range include Sensory Smell and Sensory Feel, each with its own attractive formula to stimulate your cat's appetite and create a sensorially rich feeding experience.

Mixed feeding both wet and dry food gives your cat a variety of textures, helping to further stimulate their appetite.

Key Benefits:

  • Tempys fussy cats 
  • Balanced and complete
  • Helps support urinary health
  • Instinctively preffered
  • Stimulates cats' senses and enhances their feeding experience.
  • Formulated to match the optimal Macro-Nutrient Profile instinctively preferred by adult cats.
  • Stimulates cats' powerful sense of smell.

Nutritional Analysis:

Analytical Consistuents:
Protein: 11.5.%
Fat Content: 2.8.%
Crude Ash: 1.6%
Crude Fibres: .05%
Moisture 79.6%

Feeding Guidelines:

When mix-fed with Royal Canin Indoor Dry:

Cat's weight/g per day:

3kg: 24g + 1 pouch
4kg: 35g + 1 pouch
5kg: 44g + 1 pouch
6kg: 53g + 1 pouch


Meat and animal derivatives, cereals, minerals,vegetable protein extracts, derivatives of vegetable origin, oils and fats, various sugars.

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