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Pro Dosa Boost Paste 80ml

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Pro Dosa Boost Paste 80ml
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Pro-Dosa BOOST: Complete and Balanced Nutritional Support for Performance Horses Boost your horse's health performance and recovery with Pro-Dosa BOOST the preferred choice of trainers and veterinarians in New Zealand Australia Asia and the Middle-East. Originally developed as a pre-race treatment Pro-Dosa BOOST is now widely used across various disciplines including racehorses (TB SB and Arab) endurance horses, show jumpers, eventers and dressage horses.

Dosage Instructions: For optimal results administer Pro-Dosa BOOST after intense training during competitions or during travel. Use as needed for individuals requiring increased nutrient supplementation to maintain normal health appetite or metabolism. Please follow the recommended dosage guidelines provided with each purchase.

Pro-Dosa BOOST contains a carefully formulated blend of key ingredients ensuring your horse receives the necessary nutrients for peak performance and overall well-being

Key Ingredients:

Electrolytes: Essential for maintaining proper hydration levels and supporting nerve and muscle function.

Amino Acids: Vital for muscle repair growth and overall protein synthesis.

Vitamins: Boosts the immune system aids in energy metabolism and supports overall health.

Trace Minerals: Promotes strong bones aids in oxygen transport and supports various physiological processes.

Iron: Essential for red blood cell production and oxygen transport throughout the body.

Pro-Dosa BOOST is a cost-effective and stress-free alternative to expensive and stressful pre-race and recovery treatments. Pro-Dosa BOOST offers a convenient and cost-effective solution to replace traditional methods.

Unlike administering electrolytes through a stomach tube or giving injections of amino acids vitamins trace minerals and iron Pro-Dosa BOOST simplifies the process.

Why Choose Pro-Dosa BOOST?

Complete Nutritional Support: Pro-Dosa BOOST provides a full complement of nutrients in careful balance ensuring optimum health performance and recovery.

Balanced Formula: The carefully designed formula prevents imbalances that may hinder nutrient absorption and effectiveness.

Bioavailability: The ingredients in Pro-Dosa BOOST are easily absorbed by the horse's body maximizing their benefits. Give your horse the advantage it deserves.


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