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Nostrilvet + Applicator 2 Pack

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Nostrilvet + Applicator 2 Pack
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Nostrilvet: The Ultimate Fast-Acting Allergy Blocker for Horses. Experience the power of Nostrilvet, the revolutionary solution that forms a natural barrier to prevent and alleviate indoor and outdoor allergies in horses. 

Natural Barrier Formula: Nostrilvet contains a proprietary blend of ingredients that work synergistically to create a natural barrier effectively stopping allergies before they start. This unique formulation provides your horse with the relief they deserve.

Fast-Acting Relief: With Nostrilvet relief is just minutes away. Within 15 minutes of treatment this remarkable product starts working ensuring that your horse's nasal tract remains in full working order. By maintaining a supply of unhindered oxygen to the lungs Nostrilvet helps your horse breathe freely and comfortably.

Dosage Instructions: For optimal results administer Nostrilvet according to the following dosage instructions: Horses weighing up to 500 kg: Administer 10 ml of Nostrilvet orally once daily. Horses weighing over 500 kg: Administer 20 ml of Nostrilvet orally once daily.


Prevents Equine Hayfever: Nostrilvet acts as a powerful shield safeguarding your horse from the discomfort caused by hayfever. Say goodbye to incessant head shaking sneezing and itching and let your horse enjoy the great outdoors without the worry of allergic reactions.

Combats Head Shaking and Heaves: If your horse experiences head shaking or heaves due to allergies Nostrilvet provides a reliable solution. This effective allergy blocker helps soothe the symptoms allowing your horse to focus on what they love – being active and vibrant.

Relieves Coughing and Dust Allergy: Dust allergies can significantly impact your horse's respiratory system. Nostrilvet tackles this issue head-on offering relief from coughing and dust allergies. By maintaining clear airways your horse can perform at their best unhindered by respiratory distress.

Nostrilvet is a trusted choice for horse owners and equine professionals worldwide.

Follow the recommended dosage instructions and store the product in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight.

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