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NEUTRADEX - The Ultimate Muscle Recovery Supplement for Horses NEUTRADEX is a remarkable muscle recovery supplement mild diuretic and urinary buffer designed specifically for horses. With its scientifically balanced formulation and key ingredient sodium acid citrate NEUTRADEX is the ideal choice for high-performance athletes in hard training horses prone to 'tying up' and those in need of optimal rehydration and recovery after exertion.

Let your horse experience the unparalleled benefits of NEUTRADEX and witness their improved endurance reduced muscle stiffness and soreness and enhanced overall well-being.

Key Ingredients: NEUTRADEX harnesses the power of sodium acid citrate a natural bicarbonate precursor to effectively neutralize damaging acid build-up in your horse's muscles. Each 28 mL dose of NEUTRADEX contains 7.93 g of sodium acid citrate ensuring a potent and scientifically-proven solution to address various equine needs.

Dosage & Directions for Use: For Horses (450 - 500 kg): To enhance muscle recovery and prevent tying up simply add 28 mL of NEUTRADEX to your horse's daily feed. After intense workouts or races administer 50 mL of NEUTRADEX orally by syringe over the back of the tongue. Additionally horses suffering from dehydration should receive a supplementary daily ration of electrolytes.

To Help Prevent Tying Up: After every workout or slow work give an additional 30 mL of NEUTRADEX orally. Increase the dosage to 50 mL after any hard work especially if your horse is prone to muscle soreness and tying up. To Maintain Thirst on Fast Work Days: To stimulate drinking and neutralize acid administer 50 mL of NEUTRADEX over the tongue as soon as possible after very hard or fast exercise.

On Race Days: Ensure your horse is in top form by giving 50 mL of NEUTRADEX over the tongue prior to the evening meal. Day After Racing: Promote swift recovery by administering 50 mL of NEUTRADEX over the tongue prior to the morning meal.

Storage: To preserve the integrity of NEUTRADEX store it below 30˚C in a cool dry place.

Precautions: Remember to provide your horse with an ample supply of cool clean water while using NEUTRADEX. It exerts a mild diuretic effect while neutralizing acidic substances that accumulate in the muscles and bloodstream. To optimize performance refrain from using NEUTRADEX within 24-36 hours before competitions. Instead use it immediately after intense workouts and warm-down exercises for one to two days. Administer NEUTRADEX as directed either by adding it to the feed daily or giving it over the tongue. Always ensure fresh water is available after dosing. In cases of kidney bladder and urinary tract infections NEUTRADEX may be prescribed as a co-treatment for horses.

Choose NEUTRADEX and let your horse experience the difference – improved recovery enhanced hydration and a winning edge in their performance. Witness the transformative power of NEUTRADEX for your beloved equine companion.

Note: Please use NEUTRADEX as directed.

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