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Milbemax Cat Wormer

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Milbemax Cat Wormer
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Milbemax delivers broad-spectrum protection for cats against common intestinal worms, including roundworm, hookworm, and tapeworm, in a small three-monthly tablet. The safe administration of Milbemax is supported in cats from 0.5 kg and 6 weeks of age. 

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Key Benefits:

  • Tiny tablet that works from the inside to kill internal parasites fast.
  • Offers your cat and family effective protection from hookworm, roundworm and tapeworms.


For cats weighing Small Cats 0.5-5kg Cats 2-8kg
0.5-1kg 1/2 tablet  
1 - 2 kg 1 tablet  
2 - 4 kg   1/2 tablet
4 - 8 kg   1 tablet

Cats & Kittens: Treat at 6, 8 and 12 weeks then every 3 months or on veterinary advice. 

Pregnant Queens: Treat at mating then 10 days before kittening. At 2 and 4 weeks after kittening then every 3 months or on veterinary advice. 

Active Ingredients:

  • Milbemycin Oxime
  • Praziquantel 


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