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Flumax for Cats 150ml

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Flumax for Cats 150ml
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Flumax is a supplement designed to support the feline respiratory tract through infections both acute and chronic.

Many cats suffer the effects of respiratory tract infections either acutely or chronically/intermittently

Flumax contains a unique combination lysine, B-vitamins, trace elements, fruit and plant extracts to help support your cat through these periods and has been made highly palatable because cats with respiratory problems generally have reduced appetites.

Minimising stress levels will also assist in recovery from infections in cats.

Contents and Benefits of Flumax:

  • L-lysine - A naturally occurring amino acid with anti-viral tendencies
  • Cranberry and Pomegranate Extract - Antioxidant rich fruit extracts with natural antibacterial properties
  • Zinc - An essential trace element necessary for maintaining good health
  • Pelargonium sidoides - A plant extract known to naturally support the immune system and aid innate respiratory tract defence mechanisms
  • B vitamins - Vitamin B6 and B3.

These vitamins are associated with many processes including the release of energy from food.

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Customer Reviews

2 reviews

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    Seems A Good Product

    Posted by Anne on 20th Oct 2022

    My cat is almost identical to the one on this bottle. I was recommended this by our vet after I adopted my kitten (at 8 months) from a rescue. She had terrible cat flu/conjunctivitis and had vet prescribed antibiotics and eye drops twice. Vet suggested this ongoing. She certainly doesn't baulk at the taste and there is definitely nothing left in her dish. Since we've had another visit to the vet, we think it may be more of an eye injury (she had debris removed when speyed), and now hoping she will 'grow' out of the weepy eye. However, I'm still using this. Would definitely recommend getting it from Vet Warehouse - cheapest around and excellent shipping (overnight)! Fantastic service.

  • 4

    Obviously tastes ok!

    Posted by Anne on 26th Sep 2022

    This was suggested to me by my vet after I adopted a rescue kitten. She was 8 months old and full of cat flu and conjunctivitis. Two lots of antibiotics and a month of eye drops later … I bought this as suggested. She eats it without any issues, but too early to say whether it’s made a huge difference. Will keep using it (as well as basil tea infusion for her eye). Definitely recommend Vet Warehouse for price and very quick shipping.

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