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Equest Gel + Tape 11.8g

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Equest Gel + Tape 11.8g
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Introducing Equest Gel: The Ultimate Horse Wormer and Boticide Ensure the optimal health and well-being of your beloved horses and ponies with Equest Gel a powerful and highly effective horse wormer and boticide. Designed to treat and control a wide range of parasites including tapeworms roundworms adult and late encysted stages of small strongyles (redworms) and bots Equest Gel provides unparalleled protection with just a single dose. Key Features & Benefits: Extended Duration: Equest Gel outlasts any other wormer available in NZ ensuring long-lasting protection for your equine companions. Reduced Reoccurrence: Prevents significant reoccurrence of parasite eggs in the feces of treated horses for up to 16 weeks giving you peace of mind. Easy Administration: The low volume gel is rapidly absorbed and easily administered making the process stress-free for both you and your horse. Broad-Spectrum Protection: Highly effective against major parasite threats Equest Gel targets and controls roundworms tapeworms and bots. Encysted Small Strongyles Control: Equest Gel treats and controls encysted small strongyles (cyathostomes) the most concerning parasites in adult horses. Foal and Weanling Protection: Effectively treats and controls ascarids (Parascaris equorum) the primary parasites affecting foals and weanlings. Superior Efficacy: Clinical studies have shown that Equest Gel reduces fecal egg counts by a staggering 99.9 in a single dose surpassing the effectiveness of a five-day double-dose regimen of fenbendazole which achieved only 42 efficacy. Safe for All: When used as directed Equest Gel is safe for foals over 4 weeks of age and all breeding stock including stallions and pregnant mares. Dosage Instructions: Administer Equest Gel orally (into the mouth) at the following dose rates: Moxidectin: 0.4mg/kg Praziquantel: 2.5mg/kg Equest Gel is conveniently supplied in a ready-to-use syringe calibrated according to the body weight of the horse to be treated. One syringe is sufficient to treat a horse weighing 575 kg. However for heavier horses exceeding 575 kg additional syringes may be required. For example a 725 kg horse would require 1¼ syringes to achieve accurate dosing. To determine the amount to administer with the second syringe simply subtract 575 from the horse's weight and set the plunger accordingly. In the case of a 725 kg horse set the plunger on the second syringe to 150 kg (725 kg – 575 kg). Give your horses and ponies the highest level of protection against harmful parasites with Equest Gel. Experience the superior efficacy and ease of administration ensuring the well-being and health of your cherished equine companions.

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